Unity Gaming: Oculus Integration – Unity 5

Hey Everyone!

With Unity 5.2 out and all the cool new features with Virtual and Augmented Reality. I thought I’d do a quick tutorial about how to integrate Oculus into your Unity 5.2 or higher project. I’m walking through set up for a windows machine.

Step 1: Download

Go to Unity’s Home page and download Unity 5.2. Then go to the Oculus websites downloads section. Download the SDK, Runtime, and Utilities for Unity.


Step 2: Unity Plugins

Import the Oculus Plugin for Unity. In your Unity Project go to the Menu and select Assets>Import Package>Custom Package

In the File Explorer Select the Plugin you downloaded from the Oculus website.


Step 3: Oculus Prefab

Drag the Prefab into your scene, or the camera rig onto your character.


Step 4: Enable VR development in Unity

The newest and most important step – ENABLE VR FOR THE EDITOR! Do this by going to Player Settings and selecting the box for Virtual Reality Development


Now run the Game. It should exactly the same. But if you have an Rift set up the it will mirror the Unity Editor Game View.

And there you have it. Complete integration =)

Happy Coding!


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