Unity Gaming: Infinite Running with Oculus and Kinect

Infinite Runner – Unity 5 Using Your Body as the Controller


As you know (or are just know learning) the Unity Gaming series on this blog is stepping through how to create a 3D Infinite Runner with Oculus Integration and Kinect Controls! Here’s a video explaining about it below.

Well, there is good news. UNITY 5.2 was released! And as such I’ve decided that this series would be perfect for exporing 5.2’s new features. Thus, the series has been re-vamped for Unity 5! (Well 5.2)

This post will highlight the major changes so you can integrate Kinect and Oculus into your Project!

So let’s get coding!

Unity Changes

This section will walk through all the changes that affect the Infinite runner I’m showing you how to create. This way when you follow along with Unity Gaming Series the code will work in unity 5.2.

Visual Studio

So if you download the new Unity 5.2 you’ll now notice that Visual Studio is now included! This is perfect for development debugging and building for Windows 10.

Oculus Integration AND Windows 10

The awesome thing about Unity 5.2 is optimization for Windows 10, Oculus Rift and other VR/AR devices!


The Code

Create Your Own

The Unity Gaming series was meant to walk you through creating an infinite runner from scratch; teaching good coding practices along the way. You can go back to the beginning with the first post: Unity Gaming: Good Practices Unity

Completed Infinite Runner Game

If you’re only curious in the Kinect and Oculus portion you can start from a completed infinite runner game. The code for the game is on my github here: Base Unity 5 Infinite Runner Game

Here are the step by step guides to integrate:

Completed Game with Oculus and Kinect

If none of those appeal to you and you want to download the whole thing. The link to the completed repo is here: Gravity Infinite Runner

Happy Coding!


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