Error Fixing

Here are a list of errors I’ve seen while working with HoloLens Emulator. I’ll be adding to the post regularly. If I’ve missed something, please comment below and I’ll can add it.

For this demo I was following the HoloAcademy Origami Tutorial:

System Specs:

  • Window 10 Enterprise
  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U
  • 2.50 GHz
  • RAM – 8GB
  • 64 bit, x64 processor

Error – Exception Code 0xc0000409 Error

Solution: Check Versions of Unity and VS tools as well as Emulator Version

This error occurred because the download link to the latest Unity Editor build was not compatible with the Emulator Unity Tools for Visual Studio. The Unity version of the editor I had was 5.4.0b14. The Origami demo and the Emulator tools currently work with b10, if your looking at this post several months down the line just make sure your versions are compatible. Also make sure you have the VS Update 2 installed.


Error cs0234: the type or namespace name wsa' does not exist in the namespace unityengine.vr’. are you missing an assembly reference?

Solution: Make sure the correct version of Unity and VS Emulator Tools are installed. Then make sure the correct version of UWP tools are installed.

You should have the 10.0.10586 UWP tools not Win 10 SDK 10.0.10240. The Win 10 SDK at the moment conflicts with the tools for some reason when I was trying to deploy my project. This may change in the future.

Error – Connectivity.Remote.Device.Ping()

Solution: Check to see if Remote tools version 10.0.10586 is installed and then try downloading the Remote tools.

Error – Project not Deploying

There are a number of reasons for faulty deployment

Solution: Wait. The first time I ran the Emulator it took 15 minutes to run and load my app.

Solution: Make sure your versions are correct.

Solution: Look at the Project in Visual Studio; make sure there are no popup windows that are halting the debugging and stopping the deployment. The first time you run the emulator Visual Studio will ask you if you want to continue debugging in Emulator mode, if you select “Continue (always use this option)” they Deployment process won’t hang waiting for your permission.

Solution: Make sure you don’t have too many other programs running

Error – Project is Deploying to Emulator but not starting

Solution: Hit the plus on the right side of the menu Window.

This will take you to All Apps Running in the Emulator, you should see your app there.

Error – No ‘Home’ or ‘Menu’ Window in emulator

Solution: Hit the Windows Key. If that doesn’t work restart.

Error – Stuck in Windowed Mode of the Emulator

If you see the Unity Logo with a white screen you will be stuck in Windowed mode of the Emulator and be unable to run your app.

Solution: Turn off emulator. Clean your Solution. Build it. Then hit Run again for the Emulator. The emulator is still new and sometimes will get stuck.

Error – HoloLens Emulator is not appearing in Visual Studio Devices drop-down

Solution: Make sure the tools are downloaded and you are in x86 mode with Release Mode selected

So those are the main ones. Again I’ll keep adding them. Let me know what cool projects you’re working on and if you ran into more errors that I can add =)

Happy Hacking!