Who I am

I love working with new technologies to create engaging experiences; especially around storytelling. Creating shorts as well as making tools for virtual production is how I spend most of my time. Currently, I work in both Unreal and Unity in the virtual production space at Magnopus. Previously I was the augmented reality UX lead at Magnopus; designing how interactions will work holistically cross-platform for a variety of interactive content. I am comfortable with multiple 3D engines and have shipped multiple interactive experiences, including an AR storytelling experience built in Unity and an Oculus Go experience built-in Unreal.

Technical Designer - Magnopus

Curerntly working on Virtual Production projects and tools. Previously, the augmented reality UX lead at Magnopus for a confidential multiplayer mixed reality experience. I design how interactions will work holistically cross-platform for a variety of interactive content. I’m am also responsible for building core gameplay systems related to the user interface and interactions.

Technical Designer - Microsoft R&D

Worked on creating opensource tools for Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit. I also created internal mixed reality experiences to improve Azure Spatial Anchors technology.

Technical Evangelist - Microsoft

I integrated third party technologies into the Microsoft platform, creating tools and documentation that other developers can use. Working with technology ranging from chat bots to windows UWP applications to Mixed reality development. I also work with Partner engineering teams on small projects to either improve their current workflow or create a more engaging product for their users.

I've worked with a variety technology, and as an evangelist my job was to be able to create intresting projects with new technology quickly. I'm also skilled at familiarizing myself with a new code base and either extending it or solve problems. Technologies/Roles I've worked on in the past are:

  • Unity Developement
  • Unreal Developement
  • XR Experience Design
  • XR Interaction Design
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Chat Bot Development
  • Networking - Unet, SignalR
  • AR Tracking - Azure, ARkit, ARcore, AR Foundation
  • Windows UWP development

Career Highlights