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Channel 9 videos about Devlopment: GameDev Show, RawTech, and ImagineThis - Channel9


All the repos for my opensource projects can be found on GitHub . They consit of tutorials, and range from Bots and Azure to VR and HoloLens.


Check out my Blog. I have step by step tutorials for Game Development, VR Development and HoloLens Development, Microsfot Kinect, Azure, Bots, and More. The Napping Kat Chat's'


Take a gander at some of my projects.

A.L.I.E. Bot

Bot made with Microsoft Bot Framework for the show The 100.

HoloLens w/

HoloLens with Natural Language Understanding

HoloLens - Stranger Things

HoloLens Experience for the show Stranger Things

Visual Studio Code and Trello

Plugin for Visual Studio Code IDE and Trello Card management.

Kinect, Unity, VR

Infinite Runner Game that combines Oculus DK2 and Microsoft Kinect

Nancy's Quest

Construct 2 Project and Tutorial for the show Stranger Things.


Some achievements and cool events.

  • Unity Certification

    First Woman in the World to be Certified on Unity Game Engine.

    March 2016

    First woman to get Certified on the Game Engine in the world. I love Unity and use it almost every day.

  • PAX Dev 2016

    Invited to speak about VR Development and Design, as well as Closing Ceremonies.

    PAX Dev is an amazing developer conference and it was a tremendous honor to get invited to Speak as part of the closing ceremony speaker.

  • GaymerX3 and GaymerX4

    Largest LGBTQ+ Game Dev Conference in the World

    I have been lucky enough to speak multiple times at this amazing event bringing game developers and enthusiast together to learn about making games. My Presentations inculded:

    VR Cross Platform Development

    Building for the Kinect with Unity

    How to make a game without Code

  • More